Vote Villere - March 5, 2016

Early Voting Feb. 20-27, 2016 (Except Sundays & Holidays)

Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility, and  Safety are not just words on a page.  

Mayor Villere has led the fight to restore these values to our city.

Keep reform alive.  Keep Donald Mayor.


Donald knows that although safety is our primary concern, it doesn’t stop with low crime.  He believes safe drinking water, good streets, award-winning sewer treatment, and good drainage are areas that require constant evaluation and upgrading to provide the best services to our citizens.


Donald is a visible Mayor in the business community, at city events, and at nonprofit activities that enrich our quality of life. 

He encourages citizen contact and extends his open door policy at city hall to wherever he visits.  

Fiscal Responsibility

Donald has earned your trust in leading the city to reduce taxes on business and residences. 

 Donald kept his commitment to citizens to lower taxes.

Let's all work together
to Keep Mandeville on Course.

Mayor Donald Villere

We all recall Mandeville’s darkest hour.  Now, over five years later, we are seeing the resiliency and renewed vitality of our town. While our state is falling further into debt and disarray, Mandeville is shining brighter than ever.

I’ve worked with you to accomplish this by sound fiscal policies, promoting our town’s unique sense of place, and bringing people together as a community.  I’m proud to have helped overcome the past and set our city's course in the right direction.

Donald is Standing Up For You